Thursday, September 8, 2011

The 70.3 Mile Virgin

I am a day out from departure for my rookie half IM race (race #14 for me) in Williamsburg, Virginia and am feeling pretty good. By good, I mean normal, as in going about about my business. I can't begin to imagine what the experience will be like so I figure no sense in worrying about it. I'm traveling with three girlfriends who are doing the relay so it's bound to be a good time on the trip.

What is it about a race though that makes you suddenly obsess about some stupid little detail? I have raced in the same (sockless) bike shoes in every race I have done and suddenly I find myself second-guessing and wondering if I need to race in my other larger shoes that accommodate socks. No, I tell myself, no need to change anything at this point.

I sent an email out to my Endurance Films Racing Team folks to see if anyone had any advice to share and it flowed freely back to me - mainly to conserve, fuel properly, and enjoy! It got me wondering how many other sports have such a deep sense of community and sharing that we have in triathlon?

Related to this, my trainer Kurt is featuring interviews with a few of his athletes on his blog in part to show the diversity of his clientele. (i.e. bodybuilders don't only train bodybuilders) One of the most difficult questions for me was "What have been your greatest sources of motivation and inspiration? What individual(s) has/have had the greatest impact on you throughout the course of your life and why?" I gave the short answer to Kurt, but in reality the list of people who inspire me is enormous.

At the finish of every race, I am left humble and acutely aware of just how many people are really involved in getting me to that finish - family, friends, coaches, blog pals, team mates, coworkers...doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists!!

It may be an individual sport, but no one gets to the start or finish line alone.

Thanks :-)

You can read my short answer and more, at Kurt's blog: