Monday, September 5, 2011

Swimsuit Optional

iPod....check.  Garmin watch....check.  Pool bag...check.  Towel....check.  Swimsuit?  ooh....swimsuit. Not so much.

I planned to drive to the campus pool, park, run, and then grab my pool bag and head for a swim. I had just enough time to squeeze the run and swim into my schedule (story of my life) and then scoot home to pick up my son for our lunch "date" on this rainy holiday when we are all home.  Just as I took off for my run and went through my mental checklist it dawned on me that I packed everything I needed except for the essential piece of wardrobe, my swim suit, and I was too lazy/time crunched/stubborn to drive home for it.

I did what anyone would do (or maybe just me) and swam in my running clothes.  Not so bad, really. It turned out I wasn't even the strangest scene at the campus pool. That honor would go to the ROTC/Corp of Cadet guys who were swimming in their shorts and cotton t-shirts with big face masks. The runner-up spot might go to the sweet senior citizen who chats up the lifeguards in her stretched-out see-through swim suit that was worn out years ago. I'm guessing her eyesight is not so good. I kind of like our anything-goes pool.

I ran into my friend John there (looking very Michael Phelps-ian I might add); he's doing the same race as me on Saturday but it will be his second 70.3. He later dropped me a quick email with this sage and uplifting advice:
The last 10K of the run is where dreams go to die so just keep that in mind.'d better believe I will be thinking of that and laughing (crying?) on the run!!  Thanks, John!! In his defense he did follow that up with "just enjoy the day and have fun, that’s why we do this, right?"