Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Morning

This was obviously a Monday!!

The day was to start early with a 5 am run-by-headlamp followed by a 6 am swim. The run was going well until the coffee hit the bladder. Fortunately I was passing through campus with all the tailgate-ready port-o-johns everywhere.  I was in luck...or was I? The first group of loos were all displaying "in use", kind of odd I thought to myself at 5:30 am. The next set, same thing. I guess they lock them to prevent vandalism?

So I figure it's 5:30 am, who's around, and I go to....uh....ok....we're all nature as it were. I'm adjacent to the loos in a fairly open field....with my iPod going and my headlamp on, and who comes running by but the CORPS OF CADETS!!  They are coincidentally out for their morning run. I never heard them coming. Busted! (obviously they run in their shorts and ts, not the uniforms in the picture) It's companies of 20 or so, one right after the other, coming by in a seemingly endless formation. I turn off the headlamp, but I'm quite sure I've been spotted.

Once I gain my composure it's tricky to make my escape since I am heading in exactly the opposite direction of them. I'm swimming upstream.

Under any other circumstances, I really like to see the Corps of Cadets out running. There are over 1000 of these outstanding men and women and they have an impressive lineage of leaders and heroes. I've had the privilege to teach a number of cadets and they are exceptional.