Friday, September 30, 2011

My Comfort Zone is more of a Nook

The adventurous one in the family
A lot of us are drawn to endurance events and triathlon precisely because they force us to get out of our comfort zone. They provide regular opportunities to face challenges, tackle our fears, and overcome limits. I fancy myself as pretty darn adventurous now....or AM I??

Maybe not so much. Two things this week made me realize that I like adventure on my terms, unknowns when greatly outnumbered by knowns, and challenges where I can control the logistics. My comfort zone turns out to be a bit more limited than I realized...more of a comfort nook. That leaves a pretty wide-open area outside of the nook.

Case #1: I have my last triathlon of the season this Sunday - the Giant Acorn Sprint Triathlon. (yes, nothing like bouncing from Half IM to Sprint Tri to Marathon in the span of two months to drive Coach crazy) I signed up for this one with my friend Krista "just for fun". This weekend temperatures are forecast to drop to the mid-40s and are only expected to climb into the 50s. YIKES!

TOO far out of my comfort nook!!  

I hate hate hate to be cold on the bike. If I thought I could bike in my wetsuit I probably would. Now I am agonizing about what to do - jacket, jersey, arm sleeves, scarf, gloves, long underwear?? I polled my peeps and am leaning toward non-flapping zip-up jacket. I'll pack all the options and make a game-time decision.

Case #2: I'm heading to San Diego for a conference in a few weeks and my training plan calls for a 15 mile run then. Coach said it would be fun (!) to run in the triathlon mecca and in his defense I had said I wanted to run there. Sure, in theory, till I looked at a map and saw that there are no nearby parks - it's some serious city!

TOO far out of my comfort nook!!!

Where to run? What if I get lost (I am certifiably directionally challenged, remember one time led me to the entire wrong side of a mountain)? Is it safe? Will I get mugged, my precious gels stolen? What if I need more water? What if I need to make a pit stop? What if something happens? What if it leaves me too tired to do my talk on authentic learning assessments at the conference?

Anyway, if anyone has ideas regarding where I can safely run 15 miles in San Diego from my hotel by the airport, let me know. I suppose a cab is an option.

My 9-year-old is far more in touch with his adventurous side. Today he asked me for a machete, survival books, and to be able to sleep out in the woods alone tonight. He got the books :-)