Monday, September 19, 2011

Listening skills

I sometimes wonder what it must be like to coach me. Am I high maintenance, low maintenance, do I follow directions better or worse than others? Is there head-shaking with deep sighs when my emails and workout notes are read?

I got some high praise from Coach this weekend for my "listening skills" owing to perhaps my first ever truly laid back relaxed aerobic run on Saturday. So I was strutting around feeling pretty darn good about that. (I've only been working with Coach Jim for 2-1/2 years so you can't expect to get this stuff right overnight.)

Then today was a short brick - a bit of a ride, bit of a run. The ride was uneventful, albeit a bit dull without the posse from yesterday. On the run I found a nice spring in my step and my heart rate climbed pretty quickly into upper tempo (or beyond?) I was enjoying pushing things a bit, feelin' mighty fine.....until about oh....3.8 miles into my 4.0 mile run when RELAXED AND AEROBIC AT ALL TIMES flashed in my head like a neon Las Vegas sign. Somehow I had forgotten that part, conveniently, until nearly done. It is a little embarrassing, at my age, to have difficulty following simple directions especially when I know Coach Jim is just trying to save me from myself.

So much for my good listener award.