Friday, January 7, 2011

Swim groove, Reading "The Long Run"

I'm actually starting to have some fun with the challenge of the cast swimming.  It brings about a different type of body awareness and focus.  I've been upping the ante a bit each time and working to stay true to form.  I hardly touched the pull buoy today, but did my 16 laps of drills (including kick drills, mind you) with just the one zoomer THEN did a very smooth in-the-zone 500 with nothing.  Nada.  Two arms and one leg.  Coulda done more. 

This is where the competitive part of me comes out.  Now I start thinking how cool it would be to do a 1500 like this and never, never again could I fret about a two-legged 1500.   Hmmmm.....

Haven't sung the praises of the waterproof cast in a while, but honestly I don't know why anyone would use or choose anything else.  Did I mention it's thin enough that all my pants fit over it? 

I've been reading the Long Run by Matt Long.  He was a BQ marathoner and triathlete, fireman, bar owner who was literally run over by a charter bus while riding his bike (out of necessity) during a transit strike.  He sustained MAJOR damage and it was a miracle he lived.  This book interleaves stories of Matt before the accident with his journey back to an athlete. I haven't finished so no chance I'll spoil the ending, but it's been a captivating read thus far.