Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Visible and the Hidden

Over the last 2+ weeks there have been a lot of questions about my leg - how did it happen, how do you drive, what can you still do?  It's hard to think of a more visible sign of injury (or personal weakness as I feel sometimes) than a cast and crutches.  While I understand the questions and answer them (very briefly of course), what I think of each and every time is all those who are living with unseen injuries and illnesses that are FAR more limiting and scary.  I would like to deflect sympathetic comments and understanding to them.  After 6 weeks, all my accessories will be gone.  In a few months I hope to hardly even think about this.

So yes, this continues to be a pain in the neck, but not much more.  I will heal and life will go on.

Countless others live day in and day out with conditions that may never resolve or may even deteriorate.

So I count my blessings and hope I might be more understanding of others who live with limiting acute or chronic conditions.

And onto a less serious note and for your's my 8-year-old hula hooping on a Bosu!