Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cycling, Aquajogging, and Dressing for the Occasion

I'm groovin' along pretty good in the boot these days.  I have remarked on several occasions that the large portion of my brain that had obviously been taken up (eaten away?) by the logistics of the crutches is now available for general use again!  I feel so much smarter!!

I've ramped up the bike pretty good and did a solid 50 min ride the other day with mixed cadence intervals.  I truly do not notice the boot at all. I was dripping like mad and jacked up the heart rate nicely!!  Good times!!

I've added in some aquajogging laps after my swims too.  I still feel a tad silly doing it, especially today when at that point it was just me and the lifeguard.  How incredibly boring for him, I kept wondering what was going through his mind and how the lifeguards in general keep from going totally batty sitting there. They probably think a lot of things they can't say.  Like "dude your swim suit is so bleached out and threadbare do you realize you look naked swimming?" Maybe just I think those things.

I've been reporting on my ongoing healthy eating adventures. My initial goal was to get a bit leaner, then structured eating became something to keep me entertained during my layup, and now I'm pretty well sold on it. Three times over the last two months Jake has weighed me and done skinfold testing. I'm down 4.5 lbs and my estimated body fat dropped almost 3% while maintaining the same amount of lean muscle mass.  Yes, there's a pretty significant margin of error here, but I do feel lighter and leaner and have really no need/desire to take that any further, but I like the energy and feeling good part of it all!

Next week is the massive (in my mind) Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy that I chair.  800+ registered!!  With the whole leg thing I admit that I've been dressing worse and worse at work and I have got to step it up for the conference. So over lunch I went to Ann Taylor Loft and they set me up with a gorgeous dress AND oddly enough the greys in it match my boot, so surely no one will notice it!  The tricky thing was finding a shoe of the right height (and it had to be cute) to go with it. And I found just the thing!  I do like to dress up now and again, but given the choice to go shopping, I still prefer the local Runabout Sports, Dicks, Blue Ridge Mountain Sports or online REI, Athleta, or Title Nine. I'm not a "dry clean only" kind of girl.