Saturday, January 29, 2011


I'm pleased to be a contributor to a new multi-contributor triathlon site, TriCrowd.

The featured bloggers are age-groupers like me, but each of us with our own goals, challenges, and foci. Sites like TriCrowd are so important for tapping into community, especially because many of us (myself included) do a lot of solitary training and it's too easy to get stuck in our own heads and become our own worst enemy. I draw strength and inspiration from the challenges and ruts that others face and overcome. I appreciate the humor that they can bring to a troubling situation.

My blog began as a way for me to reflect personally on my own fitness journey, which began nearly three years and 25 lbs ago and has resulted in a life that is radically different - and happier!  The blog has become an integral part of my fitness routine and ongoing self-discovery.

I give credit to TriCrowd for inviting me aboard just after my injury occurred, understanding that is a part of being an athlete.  Just the same, I look forward to posting about my return to running in the coming weeks as I work toward taking my spot in the Boston Marathon in April!