Thursday, December 23, 2010

I can swim!!!

I made my way to the pool this morning at 6:30 am.  I slept horribly last night, partly because this cast makes sleeping comfortably a challenge, and partly because I was excited to get to the pool.

I successfully hopped on one foot from where I deposited the crutches to the pool side, and maneuvered my gear along the pool wall to a lane. I tried tying the pull buoy to my leg with the stretchy band I use for drills, but it wouldn't stay on so I just used it the regular way, which seems to be the way to go. 

Normally with the pull buoy, and resulting elevation of the back end, you feel like you could swim forever, but combined with the drag of the cast, it made swimming slightly tougher than normal, yet the stroke mechanics were largely unaffected.  I proceeded on with some basic drills - 1 armed swimming, catch-up drill, fist swimming, fingertip drag - and then a few sets of 100's. No doubt this will be a great upper body workout.

Between the lack of sleep and physical adjustment to the crutches, this was not the day to push things. I am excited and hopeful to know I can likely maintain and maybe even improve, my swimming some during this time.

I have no excuses not to work on leaving a goggle in the water and using the "cigar mouth" to breathe.

There really could be some good to come out of all of this.