Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter bike training

Over the last year, I've ridden the bike on the trainer in the family room, living room, garage, and bedroom. Oh, and at the Weight Club and Blacksburg Country Club too!  This winter, I am trying it in the sunny 2nd floor "playroom" which the kids now prefer to call the "office".  I think I found the perfect setup!!  I set up a music stand in front of the bike and can set the iPad on there to watch instant Netflix movies while I ride. I did need to add an extension to the earbuds.  I put a yoga mat beneath to catch all the drippings...and believe me, I do DRIP despite the repeated toweling-off.  I sweat a crazy amount on there.

The room is open to the foyer/1st floor, so I can also monitor the general level of friction between the boys and yell if necessary ;-).  Sound travels well from that location.