Friday, December 24, 2010

All I want for Christmas.... five minute out of this stupid cast to stretch just a little!!!

I should be sitting here awash in Christmas spirit, soaking up the spirit of the holiday and the excitement of my kids. Instead, I am shoving a wooden spoon down the back of the cast trying to figure out how (if at all) to diminish this monster calf cramp that is near-constant. I would like to jump out of my own skin.  I am beginning to think the whole idea of a "cast" is entirely medieval and more "old wives tale" than science.

As of this morning, I still had all the gifts left to wrap.  I woke up at my usual 5 am and figured there was no better time to do it.  Then I realized all the gift wrapping supplies were on the main floor, and all the gifts were in the basement in our locked space under the stairs. I should have planned ahead.  It took five trips up and down the stairs on my butt, but I got everything essential moved - wrapping paper, tape, ribbon, coffee, iPad to watch the Biggest Loser for entertainment....

If you are looking for a great tricep workout you can do at home, go backward up your steps on your hands and one foot a few times. I highly recommend it.

Then I had a really enjoyable hour and a half of wrapping, thinking about each gift and the recipient.

Later in the day, each child in turn joined me in the basement and we wrapped the stocking stuffers each had gotten for his brother.  That was a great moment!  A new tradition has been born as they loved shopping and wrapping for each other.

I did a LOT of sitting/laying around today.  Oh, except for that hour at the gym with another no-mercy Kurt Weidner workout for shoulders and triceps.  So now my entire upper body has been thoroughly brutalized over the last two days. The legs are jealous and sulking.

Time to wind down and catch some Christmas Eve sleep.  No doubt it will be an early morning!