Sunday, December 5, 2010

Swim Video

Last week Coach Jim of One on One Endurance captured underwater video of three of us triathletes to evaluate our strokes. It's a pretty cool system but requires some real dexterity on his part to simultaneously manage hardware, software, cables, and us.

Reality can be quite a bit different than perception. 

I'd been feeling pretty good about my stroke, and certainly some things are coming along - general rhythm, power, confidence, and overall feel. I also know I'm still struggling to keep that lower goggle in the water (yes, there IS more oxygen that one inch higher up!). But my perception that I was pretty balanced and horizontal in the water was very false. The body is OK, but the legs are dragging behind. What to me feels like a teeny tiny kick, is still fairly moderate. So I have some work to do to bring those legs up.

I also need to bring those elbows up into a better power position.  Waaayyy up. I thought I had been doing that, not so much!!

I know what is next. To fix things takes a big adjustment where everything feels strange and exaggerated and yucky for a while. I'm game.  Now's the time!