Friday, August 15, 2008

VT Cross Country Course

I took the maiden voyage on the VT cross-country course yesterday. It was so fun! It wraps around corn fields and the vet school duck pond with little loops and spurs off here and there. The corn was so high and I had no idea where I was going so you got a little of the "corn maze" feeling in there. I saw a lot of folks with dogs and will take Trixie the next time I go. Most dogs were off-leash, and she's pretty good 95% of the time, but the other 5% that hunting instinct takes over and she can be gone like a shot.

I do like mixing up my running surfaces and environments. It keeps it interesting. The next place I'd like to try is Pandapas Pond and the trails there.

The trail running brings me back to my eventing and cross-country days...on horseback. Flying through the woods, jumping logs and banks. As a kid, particularly, it was such a feeling of freedom. Here's some old photos of me on my pony Blueberry and my horse Chance. It's much easier with four legs under you rather than just two!