Friday, August 1, 2008

Early morning

So I headed out in the dark at 6 am to run at the South Rec Fields. Got there and every light was on and one guy was out on a tractor spraying chemicals (what a waste of electricity...all those lights for one guy). So, I detoured to the VT track and had to squeeze between two locked gates to get in, but I got 4-1/2 miles in with just two episodes of leg spasms that actually dissipated within a few minutes. And I didn't finish in pain!! So, I think I can really do the 10K next week but it's not going to be as easy as it would have been three weeks ago. I'm just going to have to stay relaxed and not stress out and do what I can to finish. I have a tendency to hold back and run with shorter strides when I'm worried about my legs, but by restraining and going slower than my natural rhythm it actually takes more effort, so I just have to let it roll!

Steppin' Out this weekend!! Big fun! I need to keep my water bottle and healthy snacks with me to resist the bad stuff!