Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Interesting start to the day

This morning I woke up with quite a case of bedhead but I didn't give it a second thought because I was heading out to run on campus, it was still pretty dark, and I figured I wouldn't see anyone. However, I ran into the entire corp of cadets out on some big hoo-ha run around campus with cadre folks stationed at many of the intersection. They made a lot of noise and it was pretty motivating!

I think the early morning runs are tougher on my legs since they get less of a warm-up. So I came home and put my knees on ice. I had just gotten two of those gel ice packs and I put them on my knees with stretchy wraps while I ate breakfast. I have to admit they felt extra cold compared to my typical bag of ice cubes and it was rather painful as the area finally numbed. I figured that meant they were working extra well! Darned if those things didn't freeze the crap out of my skin!! When I finally took them off, my skin was all white, dry, wrinkly, and paper-y. So I re-warmed my legs in the tub and they still look raised, red, and deformed. Lesson learned. Gosh, I've had to say that a lot this summer. I always think I know better, but it's scary how often I don't!!!

I was a slacker in terms of eating last week but have pledged to keep it all clean and tight this week and beyond. I am dangerously close to not making my 8/25 goal. I was 132.8 yesterday and need to get to 130. JRP set new parameters for carbs, fat, and protein, so I am mapping out my food the night before and sticking to the plan. That helped tremendously yesterday. If I focus on my eating plan and working the numbers, I focus less on the actual eating, if that makes sense.

I'm also going to drink more plain water. I was doing some no-calorie drink mix stuff but I really think the artificial sweeteners can increase my appetite and cause me to crave more sweet stuff. I feel that I am back on track now, so even if I don't make 8/25 it'll be right around the corner. As I transition to fall and the new schedule, I'll have to be even more vigilant to preserve new patterns of eating and fitness.