Saturday, August 30, 2008

12 miles in 1:50

I'm fresh off my run and it felt great! The running was's the stopping that hurts. I parked by the Farmer's Market, ran to the Huckleberry, ran the trail and back. Afterward I bought some berries, homemade peanut butter, and some tarts we are enjoying for breakfast. I have no doubts I can do that half marathon in two weeks and finish strong.

Random thoughts and things I do while running:
  • Math - I calculate fractions and percentages of the run that I have completed. (nerd!)
  • I think if I weren't running and saw someone running I'd want to be running so I'm glad I am running.
  • I "smile through the miles" - I read that somewhere and it reminds me at each mile marker to be happy.
  • I talk to my legs and tell my muscles and things to behave and relax as needed
  • If I'm getting tired and hit on a good song with the right rhythm to pump me up, I might listen to it 10 times in a row.
  • I think how rarely I get to do just one thing and focus on it for a period of time. Running is one of the few times, and I appreciate the time and solitude.
  • I think about how insane a marathon seems. My run today would not have even been half of one. But on the other hand, the runs only continue to get easier, so maybe??
  • I look forward to the challenge of each approaching hill and the fun descent on the other side.
  • I have a drink stashed at mile 4 (and 8 on the way back) and I have a PowerGel at the half-way point so I think about those quick little breaks!
Michele commented that my food amounts are fact, I think they may be too low. Every 4 days or so I am absolutely famished. I think the metabolism is kicking up and I need more calories or fat or something. Last night I had pizza and that absolutely helped!! I'm not going to focus on losing anymore weight but just maintaining and if a little more trickles off that's OK too! I'm holding steady at 130.