Friday, June 24, 2011

USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals

I've added the big-daddy race to my calendar, USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals in Burlington, Vermont on August 20.  Last fall, when I met with Coach Jim for the recap of the season and goal-setting for this year, Nationals was on my list.  But as I thought about managing the complicated logistics of it all alone, I took it off the list. Why venture out of my beloved Virginia?

Fast-forward to May, and the candid smiling running race photo. That's the day fate put Mike Morris in my path. He is the fellow in the photo, whom (who?) I have since discovered is a tremendous ambassador for the sport. (Just to get a sense of the situation, I told him he could sell ice to Eskimos!) He and some other local racers have been to several National and World races and says the experience is well worth the aggravation of getting there.

Then Mike put me in touch with a fellow age-grouper, Jan, who represented the US last year in Budapest in the 60-64 age group.  She lives five minutes from me (who knew?!)  and was looking for a traveling companion.

Jan and I met today, hit it off, decided we were half crazy, and agreed to sign up!!

Oh, and I should mention that the weekend BEFORE Nationals I am signed up to do the Luray Double which is an Olympic on Saturday, Sprint on Sunday.  So yep, three races in 8 days and about 1700 miles of travel.  But I will head to Nationals with no expectations or pressure other than to enjoy being immersed in the community of triathletes!

Husband is supportive, Coach is on board, registration is paid. Between June 27 and August 12, NO races for me.  That'll be time for family and kids and some solid training.

Speaking of, I pick the boys up from camp at 2:30 today, I cannot wait to see them! It's been way too quiet around here this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!