Friday, June 17, 2011

Packin' food for the race trip

I won't eat out the day before a race if I can help it as I can't see leaving that important element to chance. So as usual I packed up my food for my trip -- for the rest of today and tomorrow morning. Together it looks very....BEIGE.  I purposely cut out the fibrous greenies after noon.  This morning started with my fav steel cut oats breakfast followed by beef with barley, asparagus, and broccoli.
Later today it's all easy-on-the gut normal stuff (at least for me):

* Cottage cheese + fruit (yeah, fiber, I debated this one) + sprouted ezekiel cereal + flax seed meal

* Butternut squash + red potatoes + brown rice + chicken + hummus

* Pre-bed snack of casein, natural peanut butter, and bare naked granola.

I have an "emergency" Ezekiel + peanut butter sandwich too.  (Yes, Sable, it's that fear of hunger thing!)

Morning will start with my standard oats + almond butter + banana and I packed the leftover roasted potatoes too (just in case!).  Add to that Gatorade and Perpetuem on the bike and I should be all set.

I wonder what a sports nutrition expert would have to say about this pre-race menu?  We'll see how it works!