Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three races in four weeks amidst general life chaos

June is a packed and chaotic month with three races in four weeks (one completed, two to come). I've abandoned all hope for structure and order this month.

from the Salem tri.
My friend Jennifer and I
Last week it was all the end-of-school-year festivities. This week the hubs is out of the country again, returning just in time (I hope) for me to head out to the Bath County Triathlon Friday with friends Jennifer and Tanya. Next week the kids head to 4-H camp and Coach Jim leaves for Australia for two months. Then it's the TriAdventure Sprint Triathlon and the day after I head to Vancouver for a conference for four days (good times with the American Society of Engineering Education). Then I'm home for one whole day to madly unpack/restore order/pack the family for a trip to the beach.  It's all good stuff, I can't complain. Still, I'm glad that July looks to be much calmer!

Goodbye, routine. 
Hello, creativity and improvisation!
I slacked on my icing routine for the leg Sunday and could tell a difference in Monday's run so I'm back on it.  I had acupuncture after Monday's run which left things feeling like they went through a meat grinder but today it feels good. (Me: if 6 needles are good, wouldn't 50 be better?)

My tennis pro friend, who is also falling apart, gave me a roll of kinesio tape. I used it probably two years ago for a knee situation. I honestly think it works by providing a mental distraction, you notice the tape, not the soreness!!  I'm experimenting and invented my own way to tape it, which is probably fine since I'm 95% sure it's not doing anything anyway (which means there's a 5% chance it IS!)

I've decided to keep track of how things feel in various shoes because I also had on different ones Monday than I had on for the runs of the double brick workout I crushed (insert maniacal laugh here) on Saturday.

So you are probably thinking that if someone suggested I rub pickle juice on my tendons and wrap them with duck feathers to promote healing that I just might do it. Never say never.

Still got the "motorcycle hands" thing going.  VROOM VROOM!  Sheesh.

Final thought: I just learned about Natascha Badmann, a professional triathlete who finished the 2011 Ironman Lanzarote in second place. She is 44 years old....same as me. Go Natascha!!!