Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm enjoying some loaner inversion boots from Kurt.  Doing time in cast/crutches/boot with one-legged swimming/rowing/walking can leave a girl a bit "unbalanced".  I still feel it in my gait and I'm not quite as symmetrical as I need to be biomechanically or in term of strength. The chiropractor is working to get my hips and pelvis in alignment (here's how they looked in an early post-injury run) and Kurt has me really focusing on form and balance with my leg work especially. With imbalances, one's injury risk goes way up, so it's critical to get a handle on this.

The inversion boots feel quite simply, amazing on my entire body especially my hips and back, and yes, I have them on backward (hooks should be in front) but they feel better this way.

There's a certain amount of trust and belief involved with this whole setup. That's a very hard concrete floor.

Sure hope I don't get stuck either.