Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tastes Change

Growing up I detested peppers, onions, beans, meat (derivatives like hot dog or deli meat I would do...ugh) and only barely tolerated vegetables. I don't know what I ate -  a lot of waffles and peanut butter sandwiches (JIF...ugh) I guess.

Thanks to mid-life triathlon and running motivating a shift in my eating, I now find things like this...

....irresistable. Peppers!  The former pepper hater now loving peppers! The bag was a full two pounds when I started. (I wish they had been organic.) How beautiful!  I sliced them into rings, sprayed them with some olive oil, and roasted them.  I've been adding them to everything, including this odd but yummy combo:

It's roasted eggplant slices, roasted peppers, two eggs (nuked) with salsa on a low-carb Flat Out wrap.  My kids have enjoyed the peppers too.  Fortunately they are open to eating a wider variety of foods than I did growing up.  Case in point, today was "graduation" for my 5th grader and we feasted on sushi for his post-grad celebration. Check out his professional chopstick handling!

I will also include this picture of Grant's lunch today (it was park day).  Just for fun, I sent him packing in a snowman bag on this 85 degree day.  (Yes, Lay's....AND there were chocolate chip cookies too.  We upped the junk food for the last week of school.) 

The mohawk started for silly hair day and has been with us now for a year.
If you knew him, you'd know it suits him.

How did your childhood shape what you eat today? Are there foods you avoided then that you enjoy now?  Any foods you'd be willing to reconsider?