Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lightening can strike twice

Just like the last time, I went into Dr. Lebolt's office expecting to receive a little lecture about taking a break from running.  I'm walking fine, heck I put in a nice hour bike workout this morning.  Could a truly injured person do THAT? No way!!

No lecture...instead I got a cast and crutches...oh, and lovely paper shorts! The fracture is in the same place (fibula), but the opposite (left) leg. Not good when the doc says he can "feel it". At least with the left leg, driving is easier.

Four weeks in a cast, two weeks in a boot.

I had a little cry and then started the negotiating.

How about just the boot?  Then I can still bike and swim, it doesn't even hurt. (no, I don't trust you) 
How about two weeks in a cast, and four weeks in a boot?  That worked last time! (nope.  do you want surgery?)
Can I still swim in the cast? (you can try)

Then I pleaded insanity.  Meaning, I will be insane if I can't do SOMETHING.  I feel incarcerated or grounded.  Unfairly.

I even asked my neighbor, Beth, the PA there, to plead my case with Dr. Lebolt.  She kept me company while I got the cast on.  Give me a light blue cast, waterproof, yes I'll pay the difference, just like the last time.

I talked to Coach Jim right away and he assured me we will figure out things to do.  He and Dr. Lebolt still feel like Boston is doable.  So on the plus side I am glad I fessed this up to Coach Jim, and glad I saw TJ, and glad I got into Dr. Lebolt right away. I could have easily kept going on this thing for quite a while and then I'd be healing in March instead of January.

I wouldn't have discovered triathlon had it not been for the last leg injury.  So who knows what might result from this one.  I'll stay positive.

I think I worked through the five stages of grief in about two hours.  It wasn't pretty.  Done with the little pity party. Now it's time to get creative.  What CAN I do? How can I maintain some level fitness, and how can I use this time?? How can I come back stronger than ever??

I do realize in the big scheme of things, this is FAR from the worst thing that could happen to me. Suck it up and move forward.  I have health insurance, a loving family, and a rewarding job I can do with one leg. This is just a speed bump.

I'm blessed, loved, and thankful.