Sunday, August 24, 2008

Made the goal!

I made my weight goal with some room to spare - 128.2! Then I let loose at the neighborhood cookout tonight (yum - an actual burger WITH a bun AND cheese) and it's back on the straight and narrow tomorrow. I want to keep eating clean, feeling good, and maintaining/building on what has been accomplished to this point. The workouts and nutrition go hand-in-hand and I'm wasting my time if I don't keep both ends up.

One of my neighbors has been strongly urging me to consider trying the Sun Trust marathon in Richmond on November 15. It'll be his first marathon too. He runs with another fellow I know so I said I'd consider it but I wanted to see their training plan. He said they talk and joke and such while they're running and it passes the time. That's good because I can't see doing more than 12 or 14 miles alone, I'd go nuts.

I'll see how the half-M goes first and then run it by JRP to see what makes sense. I'm thinking it might be too soon. There's also a half-M in Roanoke on November 22, or a half-M option for the Richmond race too.