Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yoga & a run

One family at the beach I had not met before, but they are cool. Mom, Heath, teaches yoga at home in NJ, so I joined her an attended an 8 am yoga class outside on a pool deck by the ocean (taught by someone else). It was a fun way to start the day as years ago I did yoga for a time but haven't since. I followed that up later with a 40 minute run on the beach followed immediately by jumping into the ocean. It was so much fun.

We took the boys to the soundside of the OBX where you can literally walk out a quarter of a mile and still only have water to your waist. There are no waves, and just soft sand beneath your feet that makes it a favorite for windsurfers.

I'd be doing great in terms of diet and exercise if it wasn't for the margaritas, pina coladas, wine, beer, etc. Darn it! Oh well...small price to pay :-)