Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From the runner's high to the runner's low

Well, the honeymoon is over. This week various physical ailments have taken a toll. Sunday I did something to my left whatever...quadriceps? Took Monday off and then this morning halfway through my run I got a knee pain on the outside of the other leg that I could not shake. This was not the normal pinch or tweak that pops up, but it was a definite warning sign. After that the best I could manage was to run for two or three minutes then walk a bit, and so on until I could get back to my car. I was close to tears by the time I got home, particularly since other than the knee, all the rest of me felt great and mentally I was rolling. How did I got 2-1/2 months with no problem only for things to start hitting now?

So now upon JRP's recommendation I am taking TWO days off (not happily) which means NO tennis either. I am icing it, stretching, and praying. I also went to the running shop and got new shoes. They watch you walk and run a bunch of times and then tell you the best types of shoe for you. I must have tried on 10 pairs, we narrowed it down to three, then I ran around with various combinations of one shoe on one foot, another on the other until I could decide. Eventually I settled on a pair of Brooks...not cheap as far as shoes go, but hopefully money well spent. And I was glad to patronize a local store - the owner is just a great citizen and has done so much to promote running in the NRV. I haven't had any pictures up in a while...so just for fun here is the shoe. Thank goodness they weren't 't pink...I just don't do pink...or red...on shoes if I can avoid it.

Despite my issues, we did get an upper body workout in. Two words....TRICEPS- OUCH. But at least I could do something and I left the gym much calmer than when I went in.