Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Galloway's Book on Running

JRP lent me a book by Jeff Galloway and I read the entire thing this morning. My big take-away from the book is I am vowing to add walk breaks to my long runs to hopefully avoid future injuries and allow this one to heal. He makes a good case for it and cites many great runners who, like me, felt that was wimping out. The walk/run thing was on the original plan but of course I thought I knew better!

Another thing the author suggested was taking vitamin C during injury recovery. That prompted me to re-start my multivitamins and I did take 500 mg of C. He recommends that 3-5 times a day, seems like a lot. I'll stick to the 500 mg once a day unless I find compelling evidence to take more. That's still 833% of the RDA.