Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Record - 9.6 miles

So I've been itching to push it a bit...I needed some convincing that the half-m is within my grasp. So today I did it...went from our house to the Food Time - 9.6 miles round trip! I ran the whole thing, not quickly, a hair over a 10 minute mile. But it felt good, was so fun, and I had plenty of me left over at the end. I love that run down Luster's Gate. In the early morning, there's little traffic, wonderful smells, sheep, cows, horses, bunnies, birds, turtles (although the one I saw was dead :-( , humming birds, bicyclists, etc.

I thought about how I let fate put the right trainer in my path and I'm so glad I ended up with JRP who is a runner and pushed me a bit in that direction, and challenged me to establish a goal. I suspect some other trainers have more of a body-building thrust or general fitness approach where cardio is just cardio. I am glad to have a specific cardio focus. Without the half as a goal, I would never have run this far, and it's so empowering and just a HUGE rush!! Can you tell I'm feeling good right now??? WOWW!!!!