Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Moving Forward

Although running has been somewhat derailed for the last week, I now have some confidence that my fitness and nutrition goals don't have to suffer so that feeling of total agitation is subsiding. The elliptical is working out fine and I've gotten a bunch of half and full mile swims in. AND I'm finally able to do most of a wide-grip pull-up. I did 2-1/2 not super-fabulous ones today. To me, pull-ups prove to me that the weight training is working and that I'm getting stronger.

I met with JRP today and he proposed a well-researched and comprehensive plan to get the IT thing out of the equation. He had a number of things for me to read; the description of IT syndrome that he found fit my experience exactly. Here's the workaround as I remember it:
  • With cardio (running, elliptical too I guess, swimming and tennis), warm up some then take time to complete the series of stretches I learned today. Then do the cardio.
  • Run on level ground - track or level grass - 2 to 3 miles to start. If pain hits, take walk breaks. Build distance back up slowly.
  • Ice - I guess after anything that might bug it - running, gym, tennis? (Figured out I can ice it while driving the car. I use the velcro IT band to hold the bag of ice on...clever, eh?)
  • Gym program - strengthening exercises for hip. No squats for a while. Bummer.
  • Swimming, elliptical are good. Tennis needs some caution.
  • Stretch periodically through the day.
Feedback on my eating was that it's pretty good, I "just" need to add in some whole grains, fruits and vegetables in places. But I want to try to do that without overloading in the calorie department (my own thought there, not JRPs).

I got a half-mile swim in, then we only had our tennis clinic for about 40 minutes due to lightning. I have to say I think I am finally seeing progress in my reflex volleys and I managed to hit a few nice overheads that came my way. Yeah! I'm excited for the tennis tournament this weekend, it should be a really nice affair.

Oh, yeah, and note to self: stop complaining about various exercises being too hard. Shut up and do them. I'm not the wimpy person I was three months ago and I can TOO do them!!

Tomorrow I will run. Let's hope the news is good....