Saturday, July 19, 2008

Argh! #$&%* *@$^%()

Not happy. NOT happy.

Ran on the treadmill. Did 2 miles. Issues. Stretched. Ran again. Definite issues. Was able to push through though and got to 4.7 miles (including the first 2) and just could not take another step. Bought an "IT band" band. A stretchy velcro thing that goes above the knee with a pad that pushes on the IT band.

Annoyed annoyed annoyed.

Saw JRP at gym and new plan is for me to run on the cross country course on grass this week and to start a new pre-run stretching program.

Interesting that Sharon and I played tennis this morning and I had not one issue with the leg/knee. And we won...yeah for us!! Sharon...we need a picture of us in our matching outfits. Next match I'll bring the camera. Sharon played super fantastically and we had a lot of fun with Gail and Stacy.

Enjoy the weekend gals.