Thursday, July 24, 2008


Today I ran on the Weight Club indoor track. Still only about 2-1/2 miles, but that's OK. For close to a mile of that I kicked it up a few gears and just blew all the cobwebs out of my head and body and it felt awesome. I am resigned to the fact that there may not be a speedy resolution to the IT issue and I just have to work with things the way they are. So I am thinking of running these shorter distances, but more often.

I tried real dips today for the first time in ages and didn't know if I could do any. I got five, so that's a good starting place!

What I really need is sleep. I've been hitting it at midnight lately where before it was closer to 10:00. I lost my incentive to get to bed early and get up early b/c I can't just head out the front door for a run. I've either been not running, or I've had to drive to a track. Even if I have to head to a track, I need to do it first thing and get back to sleeping regularly which should help my recovery too. I'm just not recovering from anything as well as I had been and I seem to stay sore a lot longer.