Thursday, July 17, 2008

Going crazeee

This lack of organized, planned, sweat-inducing exercise is driving me crazy. I have been really tempted to jump on the treadmill today or dash to the pool, but alas, I am not. I did go to my chiropractor (he works with the VT athletic teams) and concurred that it was IT-band related and said they were very tight. He adjusted this and that then recommended I get "The Stick" to work those muscles. Runabout Sports had a bunch of them, they are apparently popular. This is what it looks like:
It is a series of white rollers on a flexible center post. So you grab the red handles and rolling-pin away on the muscles. It feels great! Highly recommended. He agreed with cautious low mileage running following JRP's plan that I could run starting Saturday. He also suggested reducing the intensity of my leg workouts for two weeks. Dang. Not sure if I want to pass that info along.