Friday, July 11, 2008

Shaved heads at the gym

OK, so today at the gym, out of the 15 guys who were there at 2:30 pm, probably 10 of them had shaved heads, or nearly shaved heads. What gives?

I had a great tennis lesson this morning and he worked me harder than he has (or maybe I finally just got moving). I was pouring with sweat and huffing and puffing a bit (while of course he was not even glistening). I probably get the most encouragement (at tennis I mean) at my weekly lesson. It gives me a nice benchmark to go by. I'm hitting stronger and better, getting a few more weapons in the arsenal, and the serve is coming. Now I am committed to anticipating shots, watching as the ball leaves the racket to see where it will go, and getting there, moving on my toes, not flat feet.

The gym was fun. The smith machine was broken so I went ahead and did REAL bench press for the first time since my powerlifting days and it felt awesome!! I didn't press much, but that's OK! I can see (sometimes barely!) the changes in what I can lift at the gym and how I feel.

Tomorrow I will go 7 miles. Tonight I am having dinner at the club with Robert. The big question is, I have an urge for a glass of wine tonight. Should I or shouldn't I? Stay tuned!!!!

(I sure do like parentheses, don't I?!)