Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tis the season for BOOKS!

We had a few book-related posts on TriCrowd so I thought I'd take the opportunity just to share my little library in case anyone is looking for holiday book suggestions! I'm too lazy to type them up so photos will have to do.

Oma (my mother-in-law) has a beautiful tradition of getting us each a book for Christmas. When she asked what I wanted this year I was kind of at a loss for a good tri related book so maybe others can make suggestions.

I was too embarrassed to ask her for the pop-up book I just discovered existed so I confess I ordered this one for myself. It's just about the right thing for my night-time reading attention span.

Seriously, when I couldn't come up with a tri book title, I asked for a T. C. Boyle book of short stories instead. I'd heard him interviewed on Whad'ya Know and thought he was very funny and clever, but I was in for a major shock to discover he looks NOTHING like the sweet grandfatherly person I imagined. What is with that hair?? Whatever. I'd still like the book. And when I say "book" I mean with paper and ink and everything. I don't like the idea of book reading depending on energy availability and software.

What are your favorite tri books?? Has anyone else read T. C. Boyle?