Sunday, December 15, 2013

Finally....I miss running

Since I began my self-imposed four week sabbatical from running I have to admit I haven't really missed it at all. There have been days I was even thankful not to be running. I found that to be a little disconcerting, but to be fair, this holiday time of year is pretty busy - especially for us mom types. Finally...FINALLY today, after two and a half weeks, I got my first little stirrings of wanting to run!! I'm hoping by the time I start again after Christmas I'll really be chomping at the bit.

I've kept up my swimming and some biking, but that has been interrupted the last few days by a cold. Interesting that I haven't had a head cold this bad in what seems like years, but of course one would move in during my run time-out. Coincidence? Hmmmm.....

My immune system has probably not been helped by inconsistent use of basic supplements (multi, D3, etc) and eating that has been OK but not great. I'm not doing the best job of managing my own holiday stress levels either.

On the upside, I've done a few positive things the last few weeks related to trying to improve my physical condition for next year.

I met with the Fitness Coordinator at the Weight Club, DeWayne Moore, for a functional movement analysis. I kept saying I wanted to work on my weaknesses in the gym this off-season, but that is tough if you aren't really sure what they are.

From a series of movement tests he determined that the first areas I need to address are core and shoulder mobility. He gave me a number of exercises to do for strength and flexibility and I have done them faithfully and will meet with him periodically to build on those. This is good because core was on my list of things to focus on this off-season but I was having a little trouble getting started. Part of my hesitation is that it's hard to know what is effective and worth doing when it comes to core. I'm getting to the gym two times a week (plus doing core stuff at home) and enjoying the gym now more in the off-season when I don't have to be quite so concerned about interference with swim/bike/run.

I'm taking the time now to pursue the quad issue medically since it has not fully resolved and has flared up randomly on the bike here and there. I went to a DO who is also an elite-level marathoner and her attending physician had a pretty strong hunch about what is going on and had seen a similar case. I'll get a little diagnostic work done after the holidays and see. It would be nice to finally know and have a plan of action.

The group swimming is going well! We'll break for the holidays but it sounds like it will continue on afterward. I sure hope so. I have appreciated having eyes on the deck to give me technique reminders and reinforce when I am making the right changes. Plus we just work hard for a solid hour and I really enjoy that there is a group of us doing the same thing!

That's the December update!!