Saturday, December 28, 2013

I did not follow instructions


Today was supposed to be a sub-148 heart rate ride. Setting heart rate limits is the best way to keep me throttled back. The problem is, I didn't remember that one and only instruction until part way through the ride. I was taking it easy, just not that easy, and the hilly route I picked was not conducive to easy.

Post activity comments to Coach Jim:
"I did not follow your single, simple instruction AT ALL. I remembered the heart rate cap at mile 14, but I'd picked a route with all those hills. Then since I'd blown it anyway, a case of the happys compelled me to race a few laps around the empty Drillfield pretending it was my personal velodrome. On the plus side, I did at least do the correct sport :-)"
Seriously, how could a person not be overflowing with happiness to ride under a cloudless sky from house to gorgeous river, under their own pedal power, on their beloved bike?!

Back to following instructions tomorrow.

New River Junction - where we tube and hubs and boys camp...when it's a bit warmer!