Sunday, April 22, 2012

Passing the Torch

The Fitness Challenge at the Weight Club is organized by Kurt Weidner, with whom I strength train, as a way for folks to go after personal goals with the added motivation of a per-rep pledge to benefit the Humane Society of Montgomery County. In 2010, I participated in the inaugural Fitness Challenge (see post here) doing a 1-rep max bench press.

This year I passed the torch to Grant (10). He regularly does pushups in Karate and often breaks into them spontaneously throughout the week so it seemed a good fit. He would go after his personal best set of pushups. Spencer (12) was the official rep counter at the event for two hours. (Fortunately, he did not inherit my horrible counting gene.)

In 2010, our small group raised almost $5000 and this year I am predicting something in the range of double that. We'll see. Donations are still coming in.

Watching the 20 athletes, we were witness to tremendous intensity, focus, dedication, and effort. The participants ranged in age from 10 to 50+, and included 13 men and 7 women.

Crowd support was strong with encouraging shouts for all. We watched clapping pull-ups, 1600+ lb leg press, 315 lb pause squats, 225 lb lunges, 650 lb tire flips, push ups, windshield wipers, thrusters, hang cleans, and leg raises.  See full results and information at

It was a great event, and one that could be modified for nearly any sport and cause. Great job, Grant, and everyone involved!