Monday, April 30, 2012

First attempts at the "Running Mount"

Back in January I reviewed the DVD, Mastering the 4th Discipline, Triathlon Transitions. I had it in mind to try to learn the "Running Mount" that is taught in the video in a stepwise fashion. I probably put it off a little long, my first race is next weekend. (Ooops!)

I rewatched the DVD and headed out to give it a whirl, with my son Spencer on hand to capture the process and whatever was in store for me.

This was the first outing for the Endurance Films Racing Team ITU suit from Champion System (see EF apparel store here). It is super comfortable, form fitting/aero, but stretchy and non-constricting. I absolutely love it!

Here's the video. I start with my normal "step over" mount which is extra rusty and slow since I hadn't done it since last year and seemed to have no recollection of how to put my foot on the already clipped-in shoe. My dismount is pretty solid and will stay the same. But no one was more surprised than me that I made good progress on the new technique. I confess I skipped the part about doing it with running shoes first.

Things I need to remember: get enough speed, take a deep breath, COMMIT, and GO! Focus on forward momentum first and pedals/shoes only when stable. Seems so simple in theory!

I'm going to continue practicing every day and hope it's on autopilot by race day.

This is a great DVD and I continue to recommend it highly!!