Saturday, December 17, 2011

Winter trail fun

After a pretty mild start to the month, winter finally decided to arrive today with temps around freezing. But it's beautiful out so I hit the trails at Pandapas Pond in the Jefferson National Forest for an eight mile easy run. I'd been out earlier in the week in summer running clothes, working up a sweat in a tank top and shorts. Today it was long sleeves, gloves, insulated tights, vest, and Santa hat!!

I wasn't sure if it was a bad omen or reassuring to see several Search and Rescue vehicles in the parking lot. Given my predilection for getting lost, I figured I'd stick to the main trail - forgetting that to do an out-and-back would involve multiple stream crossings. I stopped briefly to debate the wisdom of wet feet (and to snap a picture) before deciding it would be OK. And truly, it was.

My legs are feeling good and my excitement is building for the start of marathon prep.

The moment of decision!!

In I go

This has nothing to do with my run except it's a puzzle I finished today :-) Love this puzzle!!