Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This recluse swam, biked, and ran with others!

It's no secret that I treasure the quiet solitude and freedom of training solo. That, coupled with the over-scheduled life of this working mom, it's pretty rare for me to meet up with others to train.  The last week and a half has been quite a departure and I have to say I have enjoyed the change!

Last week I headed out for a bike ride with my friends and fellow One on One Endurance athletes Jennifer and Tanya and enjoyed catching up with them while pedaling along the rolling hills. Plus it was Jennifer's birthday!! I'm not one to meet out for lunch or coffee (or drinks) much, so this was perfect!

Yesterday I met my friends Michaela and Shannon (who I interviewed earlier in the year) at 5:30 am in the 32 degree rainy darkness for an 11-mile run. The time just flew by and with all the conversation we each finished up hungry and motivated for the 2012 race season.

me, Shannon, and Michaela

Today I met my friend Krista (my co-sufferer at the triathlon in 40 degree temps) and her friend Steven for a swim. We swam a pyramid (50s to 250, then again 250 down to 50) and the brief chats between sets kept it relaxed and enjoyable. It also gave me time to marvel at how Steven can be so fast yet it looks like he's hardly making an effort?!

Tomorrow I'm heading out with Tanya and John for another bike ride. It will be the maiden road voyage for John's new tri bike!

After this week, it's back to work and back to recluse mode!!


Incidentally, I appreciate the input on race wheels I have received so far. One of my favorite podcasts, Endurance Planet, was soliciting story ideas so I requested a feature on wheels!  They are so responsive. If you haven't given this podcast a listen, I'd highly recommend it.