Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ho, ho, ho Part II

We just returned from the Frosty 5K. It was a perfect crisp sunny morning and it seemed half the town had turned out for it!

Spencer ran a steady race with his Aunt Elisabeth. He is confident and unflappable and I can see him being a peaceful, solid long-distance trail runner some day.

Grant and his best friend William were off like a shot, I could hardly keep up with them for the first bit. William peeled off and then it was just Grant and I for 3.1 miles of jogging, some walking, a few random sprints, and one unexpected leap over a traffic cone. It's never dull running with a 9-year-old. The uphill finish gave me a chance to deliver perhaps my finest motivational speech about toughness!!! Merry Christmas, Grant (haha!).

Grant finished in dramatic fashion, collapsing in a heap on the muddy ground at the end. But he rebounded and a steaming cup of hot chocolate made everything right in his world again.

Not only was this a great morning of fellowship, but the race was a fundraiser for the family of officer Deriek Crouse who was fatally shot on our campus a few short weeks ago.

William, me, Grant, sister in law Elisabeth, Spencer, and Davis

The elite runners warming up

Best friends!

On my Santa run yesterday my friend Anne happened by so I had my own personal paparazzi!! Thanks to her for these pictures!!  Things are quiet around here so I'm going to buzz out for a quick bike ride. Hmmmm...I wonder if the Santa hat will fit on my bike helmet?!?!

Too much fun!!