Monday, December 19, 2011

Cort the Sport's 2011 Triathlon Year in Pictures

Before launching into 2012,  I want to pause to reflect on and give thanks for the journey of 2011....a journey that took me in directions I could never have predicted with surprises I could not have imagined. Given the challenges with which I began the year, I feel so fortunate, so grateful, to have had any semblance of a race season at all, let alone one that finished as successfully as it did.

I started 2011 with a fractured fibula on the left leg, contributing to drop foot in the right leg, which in turn brought about tendonitis. Drop foot meant a numb shin and foot, weakness, and a loss of dorsiflexion. It was like walking with a flipper instead of a foot.

This year taught me much about respecting pain as information to be dealt with (and not ignored) as well as patience, faith, and gratitude. It reaffirmed how important the sport of triathlon is to me.

This was the first full year that I handed over entirely to Coach Jim. The previous year I split off before my fall marathon training and I made some costly mistakes. I'm grateful for Coach Jim's wisdom, experience, and ability to manage me through some trying times and I am finishing this year healthier and stronger than ever before. I could not have asked for a more satisfying adventure and  I would not change a single thing.

I have truly appreciated the comments and encouragement that have been shared by readers of this blog (some via Facebook and TriCrowd). When I began this blog nearly four years ago, it was solely for me for accountability to lose weight and "get in shape". I continue on because I still can't believe that this is ME on this adventure. I feel I have to capture it to prove to myself that it is real and I want others to experience the excitement of sport through triathlon. So for whatever it is worth, these are highlights of my crazy triathlon year in pictures.

  • Waterproof cast at least allowed for a swim focus.




  • Return to racing - Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Tri [1st Masters]
  • Meet Mike Morris, setting of chain of events that results in adding Nationals to my schedule
  • Minimal running, tendonitis plagues runs


  • Focus on training, a family trip to the beach
  • Beach means first (short) ocean swim and my highest bike mileage week thanks to housemate John (166 miles)



  • Added Giant Acorn Sprint onto schedule for "fun" but instead got a test of fortitude with temps in the 40s!!
  • Giant Acorn Sprint (1:19:10) - 10/2/11 [11/304, 3rd Master's]
  • Marathon training going great, including a long run in San Diego. Legs feeling strong, psyche gaining confidence!


  • Time off of running and racing to reflect, recover and get fired up for 2012!
  • Good-bye 40-44, hello new age group....45-49!!
  • 1st overall Female Master's in Virginia Triathlon Series
  • Ranked 187 in 40-44 USAT - All American Honorable Mention (up from 226 last year) - plenty of women faster than me to serve as inspiration.