Saturday, July 30, 2011

Heart Rate Art, Family

How weird is it that I find such beauty in the heart rate chart resulting from this morning's interval work??  It appeals to both my engineering and creative sides I guess.

Now that the fun is over, it's on to the real work of the day.  My mom and dad are visiting later next week (yay!!) from Pittsburgh so I have some weeding (bleh) and cleaning (more bleh) I want to have to get done.

Evan and I at last year's Turkey Trot in Pittsburgh
Related to family, my nephew Evan, a recent college grad, threw out the idea of he and I doing a half-IM together next year. He's from Ohio and I don't get to see him very often but we share a cool connection through triathlon. Unlike me who started with sprints and olys and am working my way up, he launched into Ironman (finishing IM Louisville last year) and then moved into other distances. I'm really proud of Evan for having the guts to do an IM especially with no formal coaching and I'm sure lots of naysayers. He's finding his own way through the sport and through life, and no doubt the lessons he is learning through triathlon will serve him well as he moves forward with his academic and professional career.