Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crash and burn day

Most of the time I'm in HIGH-gear from the time I get up (5 am) until the time I go to bed (10-ish). I'm a list-making, multi-tasking, never-stops-moving girl. Today started the same way. I had gotten up and hit the trails with friends from about 7 till 9 am. 

Then I came home, ate, showered, and....crashed and burned. The bod told me loud and clear that I needed to shut it down. I went back to bed for a late morning nap till noon.  Since then, this is what I have accomplished:
  • blog
  • write a shopping list (hubs did the shopping)
  • snap ends off green beans for dinner (hubs made)
  • eat
  • read
It was all done sitting on my butt. After such an "exhausting" afternoon, I'm ready for bed again.

I don't mind an occasional crash-and-burn day and the family doesn't seem to either. I'm too tired to nag or bug them!

Back to high-gear tomorrow....