Monday, July 25, 2011

Newton's Law of Triathlon Expenditures

For every triathlon-related expense, there will be an equal (or larger) unexpected home-related expense. 

Almost immediately after purchasing the beloved Teddy Roo (used, mind you) the twelve-year-old van proceeded to fall apart, suffering multiple-organ failure, and requiring a cash infusion greater than the cost of the bike. (Yes, dad, this is the last time, I promise I will consider getting another vehicle...) The car is back in the shop as I write this.

Almost immediately after registering for a slew of summer races that would all conveniently appear on a single credit card statement, the outside air handler on our home AC unit went.

I'd better not even consider anything really extravagant like race wheels....then we'd probably need a new roof!

Incidentally, in support of the reference I made to "toilets" as part of our landscape in SW Virginia in a previous post, I give you this picture.  It is just around the bend from my neighborhood!

Toilet positioned conveniently adjacent to porch!