Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cardio Plan B

Last night was the big ES camping trip and despite a rainy start, it turned out to be a terrific success. However, little sleep was had. Everytime the rain started up in earnest, I woke up and enjoyed listening to it, being enveloped by it, but protected from it. It was very peaceful!

I returned home dirty and tired to discover we had no power! So I decided that was an omen telling me to get to the gym and get some cardio in since the gym would be closed on Sunday. I told Robert I'd do half an hour, but I started with 40 minutes and the leg and psyche both felt good so I added another 20 minutes. Then I thought heck, why not add another hour and get two in to somehow simulate a middle distance run. I got the two hours in at level 12 - a moderate level of effort and enjoyed it tremendously! That's something I will do again and it broke me out of this idea that 30 or 40 minutes is somehow the max for the stationary bike.

My leg is sore, but I have turned a corner and don't believe I need to be off of it anymore. I haven't been anyway. I think those few days when it was really bad I had little choice. No way I could have made it all over campus without some help. Now, not so much. Back to PT first thing Monday morning and I'm hoping he'll be happy enough with where things are to suggest some small runs........