Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bench PR!

So HOW in the world is it that JRP is able to so accurately predict what I can do? He said I'd bench my bodyweight at the meet and even though I didn't think it was at all possible (120 lbs) I did it. The plan he sent for today said "we" were going for 130 and I really, REALLY thought there was no way. Especially because I feel so spent and bummed about whatever is going on with my calf. But I did it! My left arm lagged and it wasn't pretty, but I did it!! This is definitely a PR for me because I don't think I ever accomplished that without a bench shirt back when I was powerlifting. And a bench shirt can add maybe 10% or more to your bench because it is so tight and resists the descending weight. Boy, I needed that.

I stayed off my foot most of the day - crutches/cane, whatever it took - except the gym where I just couldn't do that. As a result things feel much better, far less acute. I can even convince myself all is well except that it is not...yet. But it will be. I know it.

The lack of cardio is driving me crazy and I miss the endorphins, I miss the dripping sweat, I miss the mental challenge of keeping my body going when it prefers to stop! I rode the bike for all of six minutes today, not enough to satisfy.

Patience. Trust. Faith.