Thursday, April 30, 2009

One week down, one to go

I am really looking forward to being done with the crutches. I may not be getting cardio in at the moment, but walking around campus on crutches with a backpack loaded with my laptop, lunch, water, books, and papers is more than enough exercise. I think I've adapted OK to it all but oddly enough my hands are pretty sore.

The workouts at the gym have gone better than expected and I'm glad that JRP is pushing me hard where he can. We've come up with some creative modifications to things and there's a lot I can do standing up by resting my knee and leg on a bench. I have to believe that between the crutches and the sole focus on upper body for these two weeks, I will make some some strength gains. Trying to keep it positive! The odd thing about the gym now is that I don't help AT ALL to get weights, put them back, etc. It's a very strange feeling to accept all that help.

I did the basal metabolism rate test Wednesday morning which revealed that I require 1740 calories to sustain me - just to sit around and BE. So anything else I do on top of that adds to the caloric requirements. Which isn't all that much right now. I've been eating pretty well with no major deviations lately - my standard-issue breakfast and lunch and then a nicer dinner. I ordered a week's worth of dinners from the Fresh Palate here in Bburg. They are made with as many local and in-season ingredients and I have to say it's been such a treat!!

I think I've managed to run into every last possible person I know in this town who each ask what happened to me. I can't lie so I explain it was a torn ligament and stress fracture to which most people respond with something like "overdoing?" or "overtraining?" at which point I feel compelled to defend myself, my training practices (which are conservative!!), and my common sense. It would be easier to say I broke my leg.

Still dreaming of running, thinking of running, missing running. But at this point I'd take swimming or cycling. Anything. When I meet with Dr. Lebolt next week I will be anxious to find out the game plan and how soon I can start rehabbing.