Saturday, December 31, 2011

My need for speed has limited domains

The kids and I went skiing yesterday (in 50+ degree temps) and I was laughing as I realized the irony of delivering my usual pitch at the rental counter:  

Give me the shortest, slowest skis I can have without embarrassing myself or my kids.
Oh, and I want the ones with sandpaper bottoms

Then I headed down the bunny slopes in the permanent snowplow position.  (As Spencer would point out later, it's a 'glute sport'. Indeed!) My ability to snowplow, poles in one hand, was useful as the kids' personal skiing videographer, iPhone in hand.

I love to swim, bike, and run fast, but that may be the limits of it.  I will bike down these mountain roads in aero position as fast I can go, eyes watering, giddy with excitement. But I like my skiing slow and controlled, and my limbs intact. And in thinking about it, I realize I drive slowly too...especially if it's dark or I'm tired. I'm always getting passed on the highways. I just don't feel rushed.

No need for speed. Times like this with the kids are definitely meant to be savored, slowly!