Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Movies and a Cool Bike Stand

I got a super sweet surprise in the mail today, a box of DVDs from my sponsor, Endurance Films! I see some movie nights in the future and will report back on them. The titles include the 5 DVD USAT Training Series, Triathlon through the Eyes of the Elite, Galloway's Marathon Training, Triathlon Transitions, and two Rides bike trainer DVDs. The kids are heading out for a sleepover party tonight...wondering if a triathlon DVD could be considered appropriate "date night" movie fodder....hmmm. I think so!

I'm in a trying-not-to-spend extra money mode right now (except new A-string and replacement bridge for kids' cello = $112!!) but I succumbed to a cool bike stand today called the GearUp Grand Stand for $25 minus my 15% New River Valley Bicycle Association discount. I'd been eying a similar one online because I'm not real excited to store my bike leaned up against our garage shelves with all the kid and dog traffic that comes through. Now I can park it anywhere - even by the gas cans and lawn mowers instead of by the old shoes if I choose! My Teddy Roo lives the glamorous life!